May 22nd, 2017
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In peaceful Pennsylvania Dutch country, a young mother discovers a shocking danger—and an unexpected ally

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What if you wrote a steamy, sexy novel but couldn't tell anyone?

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While searching for Mr. Right, Sarah found something completely different.

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the independent LA beauty soon finds herself yearning for a fairy-tale ending of her own.

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Her heart belongs to another...

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The Enforcer: Games People Play

May flowers, May books to enjoy!

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Fresh Fiction Blog

Favorites Movies and Favorites Books: a Love Story

(Keep reading for the giveaway at the end.) A lot of times people ask me where I find inspiration to write my books. Of course it comes from many places Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Diane Alberts | Confident or Shy?

Hello, I’m Diane Alberts, though I also write as Jen McLaughlin, and I’m excited to be here today to chat with you all! Thanks so much for having Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog



Take a trip south to Oyster Bay, North Carolina and meet Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Peg Cochran | The Origins of Cranberry Cove

Cranberry Cove is a small fictional town in western Michigan located right on the shores of Lake Michigan where the influence of the Dutch settlers is still strong to this Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Countdown to Boas & Tiaras: How do you take your tea?

Let the countdown commence to Boas and Tiaras 2017! Fresh Fiction’s annual afternoon tea at the Adolphus is on Saturday Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Patricia Beal | Book Boyfriends and You

What makes a swoony book boyfriend? Is it the way he talks? His many talents? The way he looks at his girl? Or just the way he looks? Ana Brassfield Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Cindi Madsen | Why athletes make great romance heroes

Hey, I’m Cindi Madsen and I’m here celebrating the release of CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER PUCK BUNNY. I Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

H.K. Carlton | New Beginnings

I'm so excited to finally share AUTUMN’S HEALING. It’s a bit of a departure for me, dabbling Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Exclusive Excerpt - SAY YOU'RE SORRY by Melinda Leigh

Sharp carried a teapot in one hand and two mugs in the other. “You’ve had a tough night, so I’ll ignore your smart-assery.”

Lance

Fresh Fiction Blog

Lizzy Charles | Why I love buildings

Secret passages have always captivated me. Growing up, one of my best friends lived in a 125 year old farm house that had three secret passages. One was in an Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Lauren E. Rico | Classical Love

I’m not a writer. Well, that’s not exactly true, clearly, because here I’ve just written a book. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Victoria Scott | 8 Shameful Things Authors Do on Release Day

After publishing seven novels, you’d think my eighth release day, this time for VIOLET GRENADE, would go differently. I Read More...

Cozy Corner

A Purely Public Interview with Darcie Wilde

One of my favorite authors is sitting down in the Cozy Corner this week. Darcie Wilde’s tales of regency England enthrall readers with layers of romantic intrigue both heartwarming Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Emily Brightwell | Who dun it?

“How on earth do you come up with your stories?” That’s the question I get asked more often than anything else. Actually, at one point in my career, I Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Bailey Cattrell | The Enchanted Garden continues...

NIGHTSHADE FOR WARNING is the second in the Enchanted Garden Mystery Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Tosca Lee | Chasing the Weird

The other day my son was talking about all the things (for good or bad) you can learn to do or make online. “Careful that you don’t end up Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Larry. W. Timm | The Things We Treasure Most.

Life is the one gift every human being has in common. It is the most sacred gift any of us will ever be given. And the most fragile. I wrote Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

How Pride and Prejudice made me a romance whore.

Long before I wrote romance or even read romance, I watched romance. This early introduction was courtesy of my mother. She loved Jane Austen like a mosquito loves Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Amanda Adams | Excerpt from ALONE WITH YOU

Two days later, Claire Miller pulled into the long driveway that led to the Walker family ranch and sighed. She was home, back in Colorado on her old stomping Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Heather Long’s Favorite Bad Boys

Now you may be wondering what does a bad boy have to do with my latest release? Absolutely nothing—but Marine wolves can have a bad boy vibe and I Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Why Should You Love a Sweet Southern Bad Boy?

Top Five Reasons Readers Will Swoon for Nick Frasier

  1. He’s drop-dead gorgeous! In a tall, ripped, blond hair, blue Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Melissa Schroeder | The Perfect Setting

Hey, there! My name is Melissa Schroeder! My new release is all set in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, or the DMV as we call it. My husband retired Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog


Captain Tyran Zakar, The Colony, Base 3

My mate. Holy hell. My mate. Not Hunt’s, as I’d first thought. Yes, I’d been disappointed, hope Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Nan Comargue | Faking It So Real: The Girlfriend Experience and Sham Relationships

The pretend relationship or fake marriage is one of my favourite romance tropes. If done well, it can be dramatically tense, underlain with emotion, and deeply satisfying when the end Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Exclusive Excerpt: MAKING IT RIGHT by Catherine Bybee

At Marly’s, Jo hit pay dirt.

Loud and smoky despite the laws suggesting people not smoke indoors, and littered with hard bodies and hard liquor, Jo Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Elizabeth Heiter | Taking Your Hero Hostage

Juliette Lawson, the heroine of the first book in my new Lawmen: Bullets and Brawn miniseries, Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Darcie Wilde | The Regency Coroner

- or - Let Us Praise Mr. John Impey of the Inner Temple There’s a saying about the past; it’s another country and they do things differently there Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Julia Buckley | Horace Bick, The Grizzly Bear, and The Joy of Old Hardware Stores

Readers who enjoyed my first Writer’s Apprentice mystery, A DARK AND STORMY MURDERRead More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Sarah E. Glenn | The WHAT is in the mail?

The things you learn while researching a book can be very interesting in and of themselves. Everyone of a certain age remembers the Sears catalog as a place to order Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Joanne Dannon | Writing the Alex Jackson series.

After many rejections, from publishers, I decided to write the book I wanted and not the book I thought publishers wanted. Keeping in mind this was just before the “explosion Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Sharon Sala | Let's visit Blessings, Georgia

Have you ever been to Blessings, Georgia? You should take a trip there someday. There aren’t any tourist destinations, but there is a feeling within that sleepy Southern town Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

A (real, shameful) day in the life of a romance author.

Writing books for a living is nothing to complain about: I work from home, I spend my days largely uninterrupted, and then, you know, there are the champagne parties, the Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Lily Maxton | Scotland is for Lovers

I typically write historical romances set in England, but for this series, I decided to switch things up and head north to Scotland. Just like the Townsend family in Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Cindy Skaggs | Fiction set in Colorado

The most popular book set in Colorado is Stephen King’s Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Author / Reader Match with Megan Hart

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the "Reader Match" where we introduce you to authors as a reader you may fall Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Amelia Judd's Top 5 Travel Destinations Perfect for Novels

My love of travel borders on obsession. Seriously … I never get tired of talking about, researching, or planning a trip. I’m that annoying friend who wants to Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Stefanie London | Fact or Fiction?

I love sprinkling little bits of the “real world” into my books, whether it’s a real place or landmark, a real story or a real bit of dialogue that Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Exclusive Excerpt - BOMBSHELL by CD Reiss

“Your daughter is doing great,” I continued, trying to focus on Nicole and not the way his hand curved around his iced tea. “There’s a school in Santa Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Victoria Thompson | They Do Strange Things in the Bowery

The Bowery, the Bowery!
They say such things,
And they do strange things
On the Bowery! The Bowery!
I'll never

Fresh Fiction Blog

Kathleen Bridge | The Seeds Planted before a Book Blooms

As a mystery writer, I’m always ripping out newspaper or magazine articles and copying/pasting links that might someday become an inspiration for a future book. The premise for Read More...

History ReFreshed

Lives Of The Rich And Famous

Spring always brings a sense of anticipation. The cold and gloom of winter brighten into the season of warmth and rebirth, where new life seems full of limitless possibilities, encouraging Read More...

Cozy Corner

Interview with Winnie Archer

Kym: Welcome to The Cozy Corner, Winnie! Kym: Many readers may not know that Winnie Archer is a pen name for your new series, and that Read More...

Fresh Chat

Barbara Longley talks her latest release, 'Whatever You Need'

Miranda Owen: Like me, most readers tend to fall in love with Wyatt Haney in your novel, Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Mika Jolie | Recipe Sharing – Linguine and Clam Sauce by Dean Conrad Morello

Every man should have a secret dish he can cook to knock a woman’s panties off. Imagine this. Tonight’s the BIG date at your place. Date #3. The Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Elizabeth Coldwell | Letting Your Guard Down

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘bodyguard’? One of those huge, silent, black-clad men keeping a discreet distance as celebrities walk the red carpet at Read More...

Author News

This week at Target, special price for Marie Bostwick's THE PROMISE GIRLS

If you love Target like I do, it's my favorite store at Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth…Sometimes…

We haven’t met yet so I need to ask you to read the following sentence and withhold judgement until the end of the post, okay? Ready? Here goes: My Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Have You Ever Milked A Snake?

No, that’s not a euphemism. It’s an actual job and my heroine, Clover Lee, in THE NEGOTIATOR has Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Heather Long | Ghost Wolf – history/inspiration

In WOLF BITE, released in July 2014, Mason Clayborne heard the sound of a familiar woman being mugged—pursuing the Read More...

Author News

The Hard Men Volume 2 is HERE!

Hello Everyone! My second STONEMEN Volume is out! WOO HOO! Click HERE if you want Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Vonna Harper | GETTING LAID releases today

GETTING LAID by Vonna Harper is out today! Enjoy this Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Mary Burton | Exclusive Excerpt: THE HANGMAN by Mary Burton

Novak nudged her shoulder. “Outside. Now.”

Without a word, Julia left the crime scene behind, needing to breathe in fresh air. Outside, she stripped off her Read More...

Author News

Updates from Eloisa James

Eloisa is heading to Wisconsin this week for the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Week-end. This is a fun Read More...


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