September 26th, 2016
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Only by working together to uncover the secrets behind the past, can they ever hope to have a future.

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With two men chasing her, can she make the right choice before it’s too late?

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Sparks fly when a rigid FBI agent and a patrol sergeant collide on the path to catch a killer.

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"Sexy, tough, and deftly sprinkled with dark humor.”—Larissa Ione

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When an alpha meets his match...

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Some cowboys are outta this world…

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Fresh Fiction Blog

Jenna Jaxon | The Characteristics of the Lady's Maid

All ladies of the Regency, if they could at all afford one, had a lady’s maid, a personal servant who attended her every day. Characteristics of a good lady Read More...

History ReFreshed

Sheiks And Harems

With the PBS series “Indian Summers” now running, this month we’ll stay with Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Nassau Hall, a centerpiece of Princeton University campus, a national landmark

When I started writing the Poison & Wine series, I thought about creating a fictional town around Princeton, New Jersey. I even considered choosing a neighborhood small town Read More...

Author News

My Heroines: The Power of Intelligence and Wit in Historical Heroines

I’ve never been a reader who enjoys the helpless, spineless, petty wiles of a senseless heroine—so, it is only natural that when I started crafting my own books Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Alice Gaines | What’s so wrong about a happy ending?

Romance gets put down for a lot of things. The supposedly purple prose, the heaving bosoms, the heroines who stamp their dainty feet and flounce from the room. I don Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

MK Meredith | There’s Nothing Sexier than that First Kiss…Unless You’re Me

One of my very favorite parts of romances, whether from movies or a great book, is the build-up and realization of that first kiss. The one that gives you Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Nina Bocci | What is ROMAN CRAZY?

When people ask Alice and I what ROMAN CRAZY is about, we tell them it’s a two-fold Second Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Shannon Greenland | Five things I’d tell the teen me

  1. Travel! I spent two years between high school and college seeing the world. I helped bathe orphans in Mexico, saw the wall come down Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Radine Trees Nehring | Exploring Local History and finding "Murder"

Though many authors create imagined locations and history for their fiction stories, early on I learned that real locations and real history were going to be a foundation for my Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Kathleen Fuller | Ten Places I Like to Write

I like to switch things up when I write, and that includes where I write. Here are my ten favorite writing places and spaces.

  1.

Fresh Fiction Blog

Rosanne Bittner | How are you celebrating release day?

I have a number of things set up to celebrate my release day this year. I will be featured on a host of websites and have really enjoyed answering questions Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Susanne Lord | Relaxation? Do you?

When you’re not writing, or reading, what is your go to activity for relaxation? Well, this question is impossible. Writing and reading historical romance areRead More...

Book Review

A Dark And Stormy Murder

Today we're looking at one of our favorite types of mysteries, the cozy, mixed with the dream of many a reader -- being close to a writer of their favorite Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Scarlett Cole | Second Circle Hidden Theme

As authors write, we get the opportunity to include any number of details. Some are vital to the plot of the story, some give us insight into the characters, some Read More...

Writing a Woman's Life

Meet Marybeth Mayhew Whalen

From the outside, Sycamore Glen, North Carolina, might look like the perfect all-American neighborhood. But behind the white picket fences lies a web of secrets that reach from house Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Wendi Christner | The Ultimate Retail Therapy

Feeling down? Buy a new book. Seriously. Have you ever thought about the reasons we love to read? Sure, there are several, but lately I’ve been giving a lot Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Nan Comargue | Brother’s Keeper and Taboo Romance

Years ago I read a romance novel which, based on the title—and yes, I do sometimes judge books by their covers—made me expect a stepbrother/ stepsister romance. The Read More...

Author News

Tara Taylor Quinn | Getting Ready for Holidays

Fall always makes me think of the holidays. Sometimes with anticipation. Sometimes, I’m just plain not ready yet. This year, I have the holidays hitting me upside the head Read More...

Author News

Kindle Worlds: de Wolfe Pack release from Barbara Devlin

Can love triumph over hate? In the Year of Our Lord 1497, an estimated fifteen thousand rebels march from Cornwall to London to protest the King’s taxes Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Julia Justiss | Your First Crush

That sudden fascination…the nervousness of being around him but yet the compulsion to seek out his company… Can anyone forget their first crush, finally understanding why there is so Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Kathy Lyons/Jade Lee | The Bear Who Did What?

I’m just back from DragonCon in Atlanta. Lots of pictures of the fun below. Guess what that has to with bears?


Fresh Fiction Blog

Paige Tyler | Exclusive View of HER ROGUE ALPHA

This excerpt is a conversation between the hero, Jayson Harmon, a wounded Special Forces lieutenant, and the deputy director of the Department of Covert Ops, Dick Coleman. While Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Jane Ashford | Best Romantic Advice ... (and possibly worst?)

You ask what advice I’d give the hero and heroine at the beginning of WHAT THE DUKE DOESN'T KNOW Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Marie Harte | The Top Five Ways to Keep It Fresh

Thanks for having me at Fresh Fiction. I’ve written over a hundred books. And after writing a hundred romance books, it’s not so easy to keep my storylines Read More...

Fresh Chat

Erika Kelly | 'Rocking' the band scene

Erika Kelly is best known for her sexy Rock Star Romance series, but in October Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Elizabeth Michels | It’s Time to Party!

How will I be celebrating the release of THE REBEL HEIR? Well, pull up a chair and I’ll tell Read More...

Breaking News

Dallas and Roarke are back in the latest In Death, out Today

Lieutenant Eve Dallas returns in a fast-paced new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author J. D. Robb.

Nature versus nurture

Fresh Fiction Blog

Carolyn Brown | It's Never Too Early for Christmas

Hello to everyone at Fresh Fiction today! I’m so glad to be here for a visit with all y’all today. It was absolutely wonderful to see you guys Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Rachael Thomas | Who inspired your hero?

This is a question I am often asked. As I begin a new book I always seek out a gorgeous, hot guy, from actors to male models, to inspire me Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Cynthia Breeding | Plotting a Full-length Novel

ROGUE OF THE MOORS (Samhain Publishing) was released August 31. This will be my fifteenth full-length novel. I thought Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Jodi Thomas | The Power of Love

For those of you who love a good love story SUNRISE CROSSING is the book for you. I’d plan Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Ashlyn Chase | What Makes Boston Dragons Different?

Top five things that are different about the Boston Dragons series, and especially MY WILD IRISH DRAGON.


Fresh Fiction Blog

Lassoing New Reads this September

Check out the latest books on Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss!


Fresh Fiction Blog

Naima Simone | I Can’t Go for That, No Can Do

A couple of weeks ago I was reading the second book in a series that I have been waiting eons on to come out. Like eons. Literally, I Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Karen Hawkins | Five Reasons Princes Are Better Than Average Men

The final book in my Oxenburg Princes Series, MAD FOR THE PLAID, just hit the shelves and I thought I Read More...

Author News

Katherine Garbera | Childhood Dreams

When I was growing up in Central Florida the space program and NASA was a really big deal. There wasn’t a launch that I couldn’t see from my Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Ella Quinn | Least Likely Match

Those of you who have read my books know that I generally write characters that are fairly compatible. I mean that Polite Society would not think twice about the match Read More...

Cozy Corner

A Dream Interview with Mary Kennedy

I must be dreaming; otherwise Mary Kennedy wouldn’t be sitting in the Cozy Corner answering all my questions. Yet a pinch of my arms proves I’m not in Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Jane Jensen | The Story Behind the Book: Raw Milk Politics

IN THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY is the second book in the Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Kris Rafferty | The Closer You Look, The More Likely It’s Not There

I love my mother. Arguably, she’s the person who knows me most because she’s seen the arch of my life choices from my beginning to now, from a Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Lori Ann Bailey | Putting the History in Scottish Historical Romance

I’m excited to be on Fresh Fiction today to talk about my debut Scottish Historical Romance, HIGHLAND DECEPTION. It Read More...


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