April 26th, 2017
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If this shy electrician finds his spark, he might just be the man she’s always needed.

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The only way he can save her is to help her save herself.

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A new hope…

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...will the secrets they’re keeping from each other tear them apart?

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If only life were as simple as smiling for the camera.

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Silver Springs...where even the hardest hearts can learn to love again.

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You can't run from love...

Read some great books in April...you'll be blooming!

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Author News

The Hard Men Volume 2 is HERE!

Hello Everyone! My second STONEMEN Volume is out! WOO HOO! Click HERE if you want Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Vonna Harper | GETTING LAID releases today

GETTING LAID by Vonna Harper is out today! Enjoy this Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Mary Burton | Exclusive Excerpt: THE HANGMAN by Mary Burton

Novak nudged her shoulder. “Outside. Now.”

Without a word, Julia left the crime scene behind, needing to breathe in fresh air. Outside, she stripped off her Read More...

Author News

Updates from Eloisa James

Eloisa is heading to Wisconsin this week for the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Week-end. This is a fun Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Kelsey Norman | The Writing Journey

When I told people I wanted to be an author, it wasn't as though I had told them I wanted to be the next big movie star and they Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Noelle Adams | Animal Inspiration

Pets have always been a popular feature in romance and women’s fiction—dogs in particular—but it’s much less common to have wild animals be a part of Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Samanthe Beck | Emergency Responses

This might be a strange confession coming from a woman who just finished the third book in a series featuring emergency responders, but I am useless in an emergency, (unless Read More...

Author News

Gail Ingis | What's the importance of pacing?

We are passing on this AutoCrit excellent blog, with permission from Jocelyn, for your perusal.

Ever watched a movie that was so packed full of non-stop Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Roxanne Snopek | Expanding Comfort Zones

My husband and I are currently planning the biggest trip of our lives – China! And I have to admit, I’m a basket case. What if I forget something vital Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Science Fiction Romance and Real Life Inspiration

“Write what you know.” The sentiment is probably as old as writing itself. Yet how does it translate into a futuristic romance filled with aliens? Sometimes I find myself writing Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Interview with Ryan Taggert from MY KIND OF YOU

Today we’ll be chatting with Ryan Taggert, the handsome hero from MY KIND OF YOU, the first book in Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

It's all about Sex!

Sex! Now that I have your attention, I’d like to talk about my aspirations and inspirations in the world of romance. Please bear with me. I promise my lurid Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Laurie LeClair | Love, Laughter and Ever After

I love to write—and read—about characters who steal into my heart and linger long after the last page is turned. Cody McCall and Hannah Prescott, the hero and Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Linda Reilly | A funny thing happened on the way to the publisher . . .

There are so many components that go into writing a mystery. Fun characters, sneaky red herrings, a plethora of guilty-looking suspects . . . all of these have to be dumped together Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Gayle Leeson | The Warm Fuzzies

Comfort food and holidays typically give us a nostalgic or sentimental feeling. In SILENCE OF THE JAMS, Amy Flowers wants Read More...

Cozy Corner

A Chance Interview with Susan Wittig Albert

Every now and then I go for broke—take a chance that the biggest names in the industry will answer my requests for an interview. I’ve never been disappointed Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Lisa Wells | Heroes Named Jack

Sometimes I worry about my characters. Actually, I spend a lot of time worrying about my characters. How can I not? I torture them for at least three-fourths of Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Nina Croft | Why Sexy Space Stories Work for me…

Last year, my fabulous publisher, Entangled Publishing, brought out a new imprint; Scorched (Beyond your Wildest Fantasies!) and I was asked if I would like to write something Read More...

News and Announcements

Last Day to save for Boas & Tiaras Ticket

Join us for afternoon tea at the historic Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas. Enjoy delicious treats while dining with authors. Participate in raffles, book signing with all the authors, and Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Adriana Anders | Best Small Town Romances

What is it about the small town romances that hits us in the feels? On a day like today (it’s dark and rainy outside), I love diving into some Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Author Match with Traci Douglass


Contemporary and Paranormal Romance full of wit, humor, and heroes and heroines willing to risk it all for their happily ever afters.


Quirky romance

Fresh Fiction Blog

Shelli Stevens | You did WHAT for research?

Sometimes when I’m writing a book, I love to find a way to make it more authentic. Like when I recently wrote a rodeo romance, I hopped in my Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Amanda Ashby | Vacation Flings

You know how it is. The sun is hot, the drinks are cold and wearing a bikini and hot pants is a legitimate dress code. And then you meet the Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Vivien Jackson | A Love of Gadgets makes for...

I love gadgets, bonus for futuristic technomagical ones. If a given gizmo could conceivably appear in both a James Bond film and a Bruce Sterling story, it is sure to Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Michele De Winton | Real life Happy Ever Afters

At the moment I’m stuck on a tropical island, there’s a handsome man with a fine Scottish accent hiding from his past, and I’m just glad not Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Abbie Roads | The Twelve Perks Being a Writer

Being a writer in today’s market is harder than it’s ever been. You have to be a social media guru—you have to be constantly marketing and promoting Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Fiona Quinn | The Kitchen Grandmother

Lynx is a special operative who helps solve the riddle in WASP, the first book in the Uncommon Enemies Series Read More...

Writing a Woman's Life

Meet Sonia Taitz

GREAT WITH CHILD tells the story of ambitious, driven Abigail Thomas. The hard working daughter of immigrants, Abigail is up Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Elizabeth Heiter | Top Five Things Not to Tell the FBI

As an author of suspense and romantic suspense, my Internet browser history is a little…questionable. It’s filled with searches for things like missing persons reports, how to blow Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Lena Gregory | Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Whether or not ghosts exist is a big debate in my house. My daughter and I firmly believe in ghosts, while my husband and one of my sons do not Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Weddings and Making Matches!

Thank you, Fresh Fiction, for hosting me and my new series today! SOMETHING OLD is the first in a Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Darryl Nyznyk | Proof Of God Or Hoax?

Several years ago, TIME MAGAZINE’s cover story asked the question “Is God Dead?” in our society. While it is generally believed today that somewhere between 75% and 85% (depending Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Jenn McKinlay | What Brings out the Crazy?

Weddings. They bring out the crazy in a person, don’t they? I’ve done more tours of duty as a bridesmaid and maid of honor than I can count Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

What’s up with the Writing about Cops and Terrorists?

Not long ago I was at a book signing for my latest novel, OPERATION SCORPION, and a reader asked me Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Amanda Adams | On Writing…The Best Advice I Never Heard

I’ve been writing a long time. I won’t tell you how long, because I’d give away my age – but long enough to not care to admit it Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Vanessa Vale | Top 5 Favorite Foods

  1. Korean- I went with my mother to Korea in 2015 and had home cooked meals. We didn’t eat in restaurants (OK, a few Read More...

History ReFreshed

The Imperial View

Inspired by the lush PBS mini-series “Victoria,” this month we’ll look at fiction that explores the world of imperial Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Samantha Winston Talks Time Travel!

Thank you for having me as a guest! I’m really pleased to be here today to talk about my favourite thing : (well, favourite thing besides chocolate!) time-travel! What Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Julie Ann Walker | Meet my Chicago!

Hey-oh, everyone! So happy to be back on Fresh Fiction talking about my newest release, WILD RIDE! The book Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Donna Alward | Top Five Reasons to NOT Date your Best Friend’s Little Sister

In SOMEBODY'S BABY, veterinarian and neat-freak Rory Gallagher is faced with the knowledge that Oaklee Collier, his Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Maple Sugaring and Mud Season—Oh My!

It Must be March in New England What would a big stack of Maine blueberry pancakes be without fresh maple syrup poured over the top? We’re talking Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Susan Wittig Albert | 25 Years of China Bayles

This year marks the publication of the 25th China Bayles mystery, Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Sailing into the Story: Behind the Scenes of A STAR TO STEER HER BY

The date is indelible in my memory: February 20, 1995. I was a sophomore marine biology student, about to embark on SEAmester: a nine-week semester on board Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Lynn Winchester | Top Five Favorite TV Shows

Like most authors, when I’m not writing or reading, I am refilling my tanks with the juicy, creative mojo that is television. I am about as picky about my Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Nora Flite | Top 5 Reasons Dating a Royal is Bad News

Bad boys are one thing, but blue-blooded mafia princes? They're a whole other breed of trouble. ROYALLY BADRead More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

What's different THIS TIME AROUND?

Exclusive Excerpt - This Time Around by Tawna Fenske

They’d taken three steps toward the buffet table when a trio of women approached. The Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

L. E. Sterling | Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Confession: I love antlers. I love claws and teeth. Growls that can be mistaken for either love growls or the kind that say, ‘I’m going to eat you.’ I Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Liana LeFey | The healing power of love

One of the things I loved about writing ONCE A COURTESAN was that it allowed me to take a character Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Kelley York | Appreciating the Slow Burn Romance

It happens in way too many books, movies, and television shows to count: guy walks into a room/down the hall/into a classroom. His gaze meets with the girl Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Gloria Herrmann | Making readers of all age fall in love with romance

I recently spoke to a group of fourth graders. I know, a romance author talking to kids about books, how dare she? I spoke about the joys of being an Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Character Perspective with the heroine from Carolyn Brown's THE LILAC BOUQUET

Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for inviting me back to talk about THE LILAC BOUQUET. This is Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Michelle Major | Digging in the Dirt

In my latest release, MEANT FOR YOU, Jenny Castelli is a single mom, raising her son, trying to get a Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Kris Rafferty | “Outside Looking In”

With a show of hands, how many of you felt like an outsider growing up? I suspect most hands are waving in the air right now, and if you’re Read More...

Fresh Fiction Blog

Laura Childs | Watch Out, I’m Watching You!

That’s right, I’m the little blond lady who’s scrunched in the corner of the coffee shop. I’m watching you carefully and jotting notes. I see what Read More...


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